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About the Game

Silent library card game is inspired by funny challenge show from Japan and further more popularized by MTV TV show called Silent Library. in which a few contestants try to beat challenges to win by completing the ackward challenges and by keeping the silence!

We really like the show so we tried to play the silent library on some of our parties. We created funny challenges (home editions) and enjoyed a lof of fun.

As we play the Silent Library more often, we were looking for new challenges or official Silent Library. But we did not find much challenges nor any game, even when the youtube is full of videos of other groups playing silent library.

So here we are, presenting our first (printable) and unoffocial version of the game. But It is not all, we are planning to create some thematic expansions and develop official card/board game.

If you still don't know what is Silent Library, check these videos:

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