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Experience erotic challenges in Silent Library and make the game atmosphere a little bit spicy.


From underwear challenges to sensual activities like kissing and teasing, this expansion pack is sure to keep the laughter and anticipation going strong. Whether you’re looking to add a little heat to your regular game night or plan a special event, the Erotic Deck Expansion is the perfect addition to any Silent Library game. So, grab your friends, get ready to test your limits, and see who will come out on top in this enticing new addition to your game collection.


Play with 20 erotic themed challenges, have fun, and especially keep silence!


New Challenges: Underwear, Kiss, Team Up, Oral, Tickle Me, Hippos, But Maaster, BDSM Master, Switch It, Condom Hands, Strip Tease, Lap Dance, The Call, Sexy Cream, Sexy Media, Dirty Mind, Tell Me, Press Your Butt, The Curse, Topless.



Erotic Deck Expansion

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